Your Next Car May Have A Hidden Camera In The Rearview Mirror That Records You While Driving

Nowadays it seems like there are cameras everywhere and in an instant, your life could be captured on film. But, imagine being filmed even while you drive?

There is a rumor that the automaker of the Tesla Model 3 has installed a driver-facing camera in the rear view mirror of each vehicle, making it easy to spy on the driver.

Tesla has stated that the cameras are currently deactivated but critics are concerned about the actual purpose of them. The company also refused to mention them in their Model 3 launch last week. While they’ve been fairly quiet about the cameras, they have said that the camera will be activated when the software updates.

According to autonomous driving professionals, these types of driver-facing cameras would be required for vehicles that perform level three autonomous driving. The system would be self-driving, using the driver as a backup while monitoring the environment and making decisions on the road. These same experts have said that the camera would be used to monitor the gaze of the driver to determine if they are paying attention to the road. If they are not then they will be alerted.

The current Tesla autopilot system allows level two autonomous driving where the speed of the vehicle and the steering are controlled by driver assistance systems. All the other elements are controlled by humans.

In the past, Tesla has mentioned that future software updates will allow level three to five autonomy on existing hardware in the vehicles.

A fully autonomous system not requiring a human’s input would be considered a Level five autonomy and it will have the capability to maneuver all types of terrains including dirt tracks. According to Electrek, the camera covers the entire inside of the vehicle in addition to the driver.

The major controversy with these vehicles is the fact that they aren’t very affordable. In a fancy launch ceremony at the company factory in Fremont, California, Tesla sold the first 30 Model 3s and the CEO Elon Musk announced that he is expecting to make and sell 500,000 Model 3s a year.

Musk is on a mission to change the way people drive and has taken on well-established car giants. He hopes to replace today’s cars with the wide range of sleek electric vehicles.

‘This is the day we’ve been working towards since the beginning of the company,” said Musk.

Critics are saying that electric cars are costly, inefficient and impractical, however; others are praising the affordability at $35,000 for customers in the US. In a single charge, the five-seat car will be able to travel 215 miles and have acceleration from zero to 60mph in under six seconds.

Commenters were happy to share their opinions on the advanced vehicles…

“Tesla is way too big brother for me. I do not want a computer running my car that can be hacked and tracked. Apparently, they even track when you manually brake and accelerate, in case you try to say that the autonomous driving feature malfunctioned and caused an accident. Creepy. If this is the future I am going to stop driving.”