Your Fingers Are Numb? Don’t Play Games, But Immediately Visit A Doctor Before It Is Too Late


Numb hands or legs could mean that there is something wrong with the body. This symptom should not be taken for granted as it could point out to serious health problems. The fingers have the most nerve endings so numbness is not a rare notion. Although not all numbness is a reason to panic, experts claim that it is for the best to find out the reason behind the numbness. In this way, the treatment will be easier and more efficient. If your fingers are constantly numb, if you feel pain, weakness, and mild paralyses, you need to consult your physician. You must also consult your physician if you lose orientation, speech ability, if you experience poor vision, spasms, and loss of consciousness.

The reasons for numbness
Fingers can get numb after a long term sitting, standing, or lying in the same position. Also, they can be a result of poor circulation, pressure on the spinal nerves, nerve injury, and pressure on the peripheral nerves that increase the blood nerves, create scars, and infections.
Numbness can occur as a symptom of specific diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, migraines, heart attack, or stroke. Also, they could be a consequence of lack of minerals and vitamins in the body, excessive smoking and caffeine intake or drug use.