You’ll Never Want To Stay In A Hotel Room Again When You Discover This

This is the top reason never to stay in a hotel while you’re traveling again!

There’s something that’s going to change everything for you when it comes to traveling!

Forget the hotel rooms, crashing at family’s houses, and… you could even forget having to pay for a place of your own on a regular basis!

Okay… maybe not that last one. But, there’s a new invention on the market that is so cool, not having an apartment at all is a thought that will cross your mind.

You can now road trip wherever you want, however far you want, with this inflatable car mattress!!


The air-filled bed fits PERFECTLY in the back seat of most cars.

If you’ve ever laid down and tried to take a nap in someone’s backseat, you’ll know how uncomfortable it can be.

The seat belts, creases, and gaps can leave you more tired than you were to begin with, or with new aches and pains you could have happily gone without.

That’s not a problem anymore!

The car mattress fits in most back seats, leaving a little gap on one side for your center compartment.


It has an air-filled base that supports the mattress where the gap is for your feet.


The mattress folds up into a small bag that you can keep in your car for those unexpected, spontaneous trips!


It also includes a pillow!


To get an idea of how much room you’ll have, the description of the item online says that it’s a full size.

Think about all the times you have had to pay for a hotel, and you’ve considered just sleeping in your car. Now, you can totally do that and it will only cost you $50… one time!

These mattresses are for sale on eBay right now!


It’s called, Inflatable Car Mobile Cushion Seat Sleep Rest Mattress Air Bed.

The mattress also comes with an air pump that works when you connect it to your car lighter!


That’s a pretty long name, but it’s a pretty important thing to have too!

You can get it shipped to you now from California for free with a 30 day money make guarantee.