You’ll Never Use Snapchat Again After You See This

If you’re a fan of horror stories and/or are an avid user of Snapchat, then be prepared to see one of the creepiest short films, created by Space Oddity Films. Warning: the story is completely eerie and may just put you off your pre-bedtime Snapchat.


The film begins with a young woman in bed, asleep. Beside her, is her phone.

Wake Up

Her phone goes off at 1 a.m. and wakes her up. It’s a Snapchat message from an unknown person.

Weirded Out

Half asleep, the girl picks up her phone to see the message. She isn’t so sleepy anymore but rather, weirded out and confused.

The Snapchat

The woman does a scan of her bedroom to see if there’s anyone around, yet she’s all alone.


Feeling creeped out and confused she decides to ask a friend if they were playing a trick of her.


She texts her friend “Was that you.” The friend replies, “was what me?”

Sleep Mode

Left dazed and confused, the woman puts her phone on nighttime mode to prevent another strange message from coming through.


Sleep mode didn’t seem to work and the woman receives yet another photograph of herself with the caption, “sleeping beauty :)”

Gets Up


Feeling ten times as anxious, the woman walks around her home in hope of finding answers. She goes into the bathroom, looks in her cupboards…

The Boogeyman

She even scans under her bed, wondering if the whole thing is like the boogeyman come to life.


After checking the house, the woman still believes that she is alone. This time, she turns her phone off to prevent a third message from the unknown Snapchatter.

Number Three

Turning her phone off did not help at all, as her phone goes off once again. This time, a third image that reads, “keep it down pls :)”.


The girl, in sheer panic, lays in her bed unable to move, think or breathe.

The End

The ending shows her displaying the infamous Snapchat rainbow coming out of her mouth, with the timer at the top right hand corner.