You’ll Never Guess What’s Inside This Abandoned Missile Silo

Sometimes movies aren’t as crazy as real life. Case in point: this doomsday bunker straight out ofTerminator that were retrofitted into luxury condos. These condos, built inside the decommissioned structure of a missile silo, can withstand a nuclear attack. And did we mention thee $3 million price tag?

The building, dubbed “The Survival Condo Complex,” is designed to hold up to 75 people – for up to 5 years – inside its 54,000 square feet that stretch 174 feet into the ground.


It features fully furnished condos with kitchens like this one.


The complex features “video windows” that have feeds to the outside, which I’m not sure anyone would want to see in the case of actually needing to use this place.


The living rooms look pretty cozy.


The building was developed by Larry Hall. Demand is so high that a second bunker is in construction and a third is also being discussed.


This is the second bunker, which is almost sold out already.


Gotta stay swole in the event of nuclear annihilation. Especially since everyone outside the bunker will probably look like the Hulk at that point anyway.


Don’t be fooled. The SCC is a community, with classrooms and a holding cell for anyone who gets out of line.


The facility is powered by the regular power grid right now, but has wind energy and backup generators.


Here’s a look at the wind turbine.


Oh and some military grade security just in case.




The place even has a movie theater, a rock wall, a dog park, and a medical center. Think the Hatch from Lost but with less of a 70′s thing going on.


Well that just about settles it. I need to get my hands on $3 million.


Wall Street Journal