You’ll Be Stunned When You See What This 3 Year Old Farm Girl Can Do


When we were three years old, our days were spent watching cartoons and playing with action figures. We didn’t take anything seriously (as long as it didn’t get us in trouble). We certainly didn’t do anything grown-ups would normally do. In fact, we were never asked to.

After seeing this video, though, we now know that we could have done so much more with our time. On her family’s farm one day, this girl’s mother sat her down next to a pregnant sheep. What she asked her to do next proves that we should never underestimate smart, talented kids.

This sheep needed to give birth right there and then and that is when this little girl decided to do something absolutely incredible. She stepped up and she delivered the baby lamb all by herself, without much help from her mother at all. This is amazing to watch and it is a completely natural scene. This little girl looks so happy when she delivers the lamb and this experience is something that she will never forget.

She does a great job at delivering the lamb and the end result is incredible. She even cleans the lamb and makes sure that she knows the gender. She shouts out at the end that she thinks it’s a girl and she’s completely right. Wow, this little girl really does have a talent when it comes to animals and their safety and she clearly loves to get involved with everything that happens around the farm.