You Won’t Believe What Happens After Staring At This Girl For 30 Seconds

Those who are artistically gifted often think nothing of the talents they bring to the table, and they find themselves amazed when others look on with wonderment at the things that come so easy for them. For example, those that can draw and paint portraits can easily translate their thoughts to a canvas, while many perplexed onlookers struggle through drawing a stick figure that won’t be the subject of ridicule. As shared by Pink Penguin, this time-lapse video is going to seriously blow the mind of the artistically-challenged – and perhaps provide a little inspiration for those who are fortunate enough to be gifted in that way.

The video takes you through an entire process through an artist’s eye. Starting with a blank canvas, a simple circle is quickly transformed into the outline of a human head, and eventually into a fully-formed drawing of a baby. While that’s impressive in its own right, the video goes on to show that baby grow all the way into an elderly woman – and all points in between.

The artist is named Stone House, and needless to say, the video has become a bit of a viral.