You Will Definitely Not Take Your Phone To The Bathroom After This

Bathroom time is the most precious for all, agree? Ya, Obviously no doubt on that front. However, what most of us do in those valuable times is either checking emails, SM profiles or probably reading on the phone. But dear fellas, do you know how big a problem you’re inviting by taking your phones to the toilet.

You must check this out!

Nowadays, it’s a trend/necessity to take your phone along with you to the bathroom.


But remember, bringing your phone to the toilet is the most unhygienic thing you can do.


According to the doctors, when you are in a loo, germs spread to your phone as well. These germs, bacteria are present everywhere in the bathroom.

Especially in public toilets


Germ experts say that maximum bacteria are present at the door, toilet handles, the faucet, and the floor. At home, you may get controls on this, but it is not possible at public places.

You will also find dirty toilet water spread everywhere including the toilet paper where almost everyone keeps their phone.

Your phone might also pick whatever the last person placed on it.
You can wash your hands but can’t wash your phone.

These germs can spread norovirus, salmonella, E. coli, and other diarrheal illnesses. So there’s no antiseptic solution to wash it off from phones.

Your friend’s phone can be dangerous.


“Studies at University of Arizona showed that 9 out of 10 phones had a potential disease-causing microbe, and 16% tested positive for fecal matter.”

Oh and let’s not forgot to count how 99% of phones die due to the so called ‘Butter Finger’ thing.


So best is, save your 5 mins rather paying your medicals.