You Can Now Order A Shipping Container Home On Amazon For $36,000

Alternative homes are all the rage nowadays. And why not? Not only are tiny abodes more affordable than traditional housing, in many instances, they are transportable, are environmentally-friendly, and can help you reduce clutter from your life.

While some people have gone as far as designing their own tiny homes and building them from the ground up, others just want to purchase a unit they can move into within a short time frame. Fortunately, both are options to the masses, as Amazon just listed a prefabricated shipping container home for sale.

According to the Amazon listing, the MODS International pre-fab tiny home costs users $36,000, plus delivery ($4,500), from the US-based facility in Appleton, Wisconsin. The shipping container home weighs 7,500 pounds and is 320 square feet.

The container has 6” thick walls, is fully insulated, and features air conditioning and electric heating. The pre-fab home includes a kitchenette, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. A patio door is also built in, which leads to the living room. Perhaps best of all, it is “fully furnished,” so it comes with kitchen appliances.

The product description reads,

“The tiny home unit can be placed on either 12″ concrete sonotube footings (10 total, one every 8 feet along the perimeter) or a solid concrete slab. Requires bottom access sewer connection. This standard unit has side water and electric connections.”

Because the unit is new, reviews are scarce. All nine comments range from glowing admiration to disappointment. As some commenters have pointed out, the shipping container home is not legal in the state of California, as it doesn’t contain fire protection and earthquake engineering. In the rest of the 49 US states, however, it is acceptable. 

As TreeHugger points out, the unit is quite bland in comparison to some of the other shipping container homes that have been designed. But for a single individual or a small family seeking to secure affordable, private housing, the MODS shipping container may prove useful. Plus, the MODS unit comes with a side benefit. According to the company, the shipping container homes “act as a basic Farday cage, routing lightning strikes to ground and keeping you safe in a storm.” MODS International is also willing to take special orders and build the home to spec.

You can learn more about the shipping container home being sold on Amazon by visiting the company’s website. There, photos of a home built from 8 shipping containers (as seen on HGTV below) can be viewed. Details on its emergency shelter and temporary structure options are also included.