You Can Now Buy a Marijuana/Wine Blend In California

Known as Canna Vine, this California  blend is, both, grape and marijuana.   It is local to California and requires a medical marijuana card to purchase, though it is getting fantastic reviews.

Melissa Ethridge and Chelsea Handler are two notable connoisseurs of the wine, with Ethridge claiming that the blend puts you in a “really beautiful place.

“There’s a little flush after the first sip, but then the effect is really cheery, and at the end of the night you sleep really well,” she said.

It is believed that the ancient Chinese used to drink pot wine as a pain reliever.  Now, the blend of organic marijuana and biodynamically farmed grapes come to the mass market, though at a relatively large price.  Expect to pay between $120 and $400 for half a bottle.

It is currently illegal to blend alcohol and marijuana in any state but California.  Even states like Colorado, Washington and Oregon, where weed is legal, it is still illegal to mix it.

So, for now, grab your medical marijuana card and snag a bottle.  Take a taste and get ready for the main stream.