You can be the king of Spotify!

Do you want to become popular? You are now a young musician, passionate and diligent. You know how to write music, create a mood in it, but you know nothing about how to build a career on Spotify. It is no secret that Spotify is a giant platform, that hosts millions of musicians from all over the world. And it also is widely known that the majority of new stars have started their career on Spotify. Spotify is the future of music, no getting around it. Every musician nowadays wants to become popular and famous on Spotify. But the majority of the know nothing about streaming services and peculiarities of building the career there. So they use ancient methods, like regular music uploads, o sending tracks to labels and record studios. All those approaches are obsolete. And the only effective way to get really popular on Spotify today is Spotify promotion.

Why is the promotion so important and viable? Well, because it simply always work as you want it to. Stable and guaranteed result. Plus, it utilizes all modern promotion channels, unavailable to an average internet user. Only real professional have access or know how to make effective use of some promotion methods. Of course, you can place ads and posts on social media yourself, but it will take years for you to learn how to do it effectively and reliably, with the best result.

Promotion is not an easy thing to do. Because if it was easy, everyone would be a star. But reality is often disappointing, you know. So how does it work? Basically, your song or account on Spotify have special popularity parameters, such as the number of plays, monthly plays, followers, etc. All those merits are used to calculate your popularity coefficient, that will be used by the recommendation system algorithms. These algorithms, based on this parameter, will assign your tracks to playlists, user recommendations, charts, etc. The better numbers you have – the better is your position in ratings. You should never forget about maintaining a positive growth dynamics, even if a part of it is because of the promotion. It does not matter to the system. All it is interested in is your growth. If your account grows – Spotify grows.

So, when your song will finally reach the top charts and suggestions, you will see how its popularity will skyrocket. It is really impressive what Spotify can do with just a little push. The promotion is completely legal, without any consequences. Only benefit, nothing more. Think of it as of an ace up your sleeve, a lifesaving jacket, that will save you from drowning, or as of a parachute. Sometimes you just need a backup plan, you know? Good luck!