Yoga Is A Satanic Spiritual Practice Beware


I know that i will get a lot of slack for this article, but i know what i bring to the table so i am not afraid to dine alone.

The reason I started this article with a picture of a Yoke is that’s what the word Yoga means – Yoke.  But what most people don’t know is that you are actually being yoked to Hindu false god demons!   Yoga was created by Hindus that worship literally thousands of false gods otherwise known as demons.  The poses are actually worship poses to different Hindu false gods!  Most are very naive about what they are doing and of course most aren’t being told about this.  I’m sure most people that consider themselves Christians would never want to yoke themselves to Hindu demons but that’s exactly what they are doing if they do Yoga.  It was created to do this!


There is of course only one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The God that brought Moses out of Egypt – the God that made you!  If anybody talks about other “gods” then they are in fact talking about false gods or demons.  Demons are absolutely real and they do have power but anybody that has given their life to Jesus Christ cannot be harmed by these demons.

If you are doing Yoga right now then you owe it to yourself to learn the truth about it from a former Yoga expert that discovered the truth.  Satan doesn’t show up with a black cape and a pitchfork, he comes at you with things that might seem completely innocent at first.  I’m sure some of you are saying to yourself that Yoga is just good exercise but if you are saying that to yourself, you’d be dead wrong.  Do you want to risk your eternal soul without learning more?

Please watch this short video from a former Yoga expert that was into it for many years.  He discovered the disturbing truth about Yoga and is now sharing it with the world.  Please share it with others so they may be saved.

From my research, everything this video talks about is absolutely correct.  Yoga is a very evil practice wrapped in a pretty package that takes you away from Jesus Christ and opens you up to Hindu demons.

The entire “New Age” movement was created by new world order satanists and is designed to take you to hell with satan.  I know this because I made the mistake of getting into the new age movement when I was younger.  I got out of it and asked God to forgive me for my stupidity!  You can ask God to forgive you too if you have done any of these things and you will be forgiven instantly!   God loves you but he wants you to wake up!


If you are into anything that could be considered “New Age” then I urge you to watch all these videos so you can learn the truth.   If you have any questions about anything and would like more information then I welcome you to contact me through my website listed at the top of the article or through Facebook.

If you want to be saved through Jesus Christ right now and have eternal life with God in heaven when you die, then take the first step and click here for a short message on how to be saved through Jesus Christ.

Here are two more important videos about the New Age movement and it’s satanic roots!  Nobody will be able to watch them and not learn the truth!  God bless all of you reading this!

Proof that the New Age Movement Was Created by New World Order Satanists
By Eddie L