World War III Has Already Begun


Don’t watch the video if you’re easily upset.  It shows real people in the battlefield.  This is an excellent piece of work with English Sub Titles that gives you a small glimpse of the hell these good people of Ukraine have been put through!   All this killing and for what?  Just to rape and pillage another country and leave it destroyed as always!  Just like we did in Iraq and Libya who are far worse now than when we got there.

   I love the people on this video.  They are fighting for the home and their land!  The same thing ALL of you would do in the same position!   God bless these poor people.  Let’s all pray that peace comes to Ukraine.   This is why all of you must spread the truth even more than ever before! Tell the world what’s going on in Ukraine!  Watch this video and you’ll never be the same.  This isn’t a movie, this is REAL LIFE!