World War 3: Has US Smuggled ‘Infected’ Microchips Into North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons

THE US are enforcing unconventional plans to counter the growing threat from North Korea by reportedly smuggling infected microchips to be used for the state’s weapon programmer, it was claimed today.

Just hours after North Korea tested its most powerful Hydrogen bomb ever reports emerged that the US have ramped up efforts to take down the reclusive state and are carrying out “left of launch” attacks against the North’s missiles.

Unofficial reports say Washington, probably through CIA operatives – is deliberately arranging for ‘infected’ microchips and other components to be smuggled into the Communist state to be used for its weapon program.

When the defective parts are fitted into weapons, the US is said to have the ability to veer them off course or destroy them completely.

Military capabilities have been put to the test recently by Japan, South Korea and China recently amid growing pressure of a nuclear war.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un fired a ballistic missile over Japan earlier this week, causing alarm across the world.

North Korea announced it had successfully launched a hydrogen bomb test which sparked a 6.3 magnitude earthquake.

The artificial quake indicated the H-bomb was 10 times more powerful than North Korea’s fifth nuclear test, according to a South Korean weather agency.

It has also been reported that it could be 5 times bigger than that of Nagasaki – the nuclear bomb dropped on Japan during World War 2.

A single bomb of this size is capable of wiping out a major city experts said.

Kim Jong-un ordered the nation’s sixth nuclear test as tension continue to escalate with the US.

According to North Korea’s state media the test was a “perfect success” and a “meaningful” step in completing the country’s nuclear weapons program.


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