Workers In Argentina Just Excavated The Second Largest Meteorite Ever Found On Earth

Most objects entering Earth’s atmosphere burn up and disintegrate before they ever come close to hitting the surface, and the space debris that does make it through mostly lands in the ocean. Sometimes, though, an object makes an impact…

Workers in Argentina just excavated a meteorite that hit our planet thousands of years ago, and it’s freaking enormous. At six feet wide and 33 tons, this sucker is one of the biggest meteorites to ever land on Earth!

Campo de Cielo, Argentina, was the site of a massive iron meteor shower 4,000 years ago. This year, workers in the area uncovered one of the remnants of the shower, and it’s absolutely enormous!


The meteorite is six feet wide and weighs around 33 tons! That makes it the second largest ever discovered of its kind, behind Namibia’s “Hoba,” which weighs over 60 tons. The meteorite’s value is unknown, but local residents hope it will boost tourism in the area!