Woman’s Toothache Turns Out To Be Deadly Disease

When Jenie Yoo, 28, first had pain in November 2015, she thought it was just a toothache. It wasn’t a toothache, it was jaw cancer. In March 2016, she started chemotherapy and at first things seemed to improve – the tumor stopped growing. But then her tumor started to get bigger, and doctors have given her very little time.

Last month, the tumor became even more aggressive, and Jenie’s face is swollen, and she has lost some of her teeth. Jenie is housebound in Bangkok, Thailand.

She can’t eat or speak. Jenie has turned to social media for help. She wants support, so her parents don’t have to handle the burden of being her full-time caregivers.

She says that her parents should be enjoying their retirement, not stuck at home taking care of her. Jenie said she has seizures and is in constant pain.

Her parents can’t go out, but she would like for them to have a break. She is asking for a wheelchair so they all can leave the house.

Jenie has undergone ten chemotherapy treatments, but the cancer has been unrelenting. Surgeons and specialists in Seoul, South Korea, have ruled out surgery.

Jaw cancer starts in the jawbones – symptoms include headaches, ear pain, pain in check muscles, stiff neck, difficulty swallowing, loose teeth, discomfort in the mouth, and pain behind the eyes.

Don’t take any of these symptoms too lightly. Early detection is the key to survival. Share away, people.