Woman’s Boobs ‘Explode’ During Tattoo Session

This is definitely NOT what you want to happen when you head down to the tattoo parlour for some new ink…

Hilarious footage has emerged showing a woman with giant inflatable boobs, sat in a tattoo artist’s chair while he adds to her body art.

Little does he know he’s in for a real banger of a surprise…

At first all seems fine as she sits calmly watching him adorn her right arm, but as he switches to add a different colour, things take a dramatic turn…

The unsuspecting tattoo artist had no reason to think the lady’s bust was anything other than real and had no idea he was just about to fall for a brilliant prank.

At the precise moment as he changes his needle and gets stuck in again, one of the woman’s large boobs explodes in-his-face. 

Everyone was obviously taken aback as the guys behind her sprang back in horror and the poor body artist fell off his chair in utter shock.

The girl who should at this point be reeling in pain from her apparently ‘exploded’ breast implant, instead bent over in giggles at the uproar she’d caused.

No one has any idea where this clip came from though except that it was filmed at an ‘unknown location’ in China, captioned with the title ‘Milk jugs burst.’

Viewers seem to be disappointed the women’s boobs weren’t real in the vid though…

One commented:

I am horrified those weren’t real. I feel like I don’t know reality anymore.

And another felt she could’ve seriously compromised her tattoo if the artist had slipped.

Here’s the full version of her brutal trick below:

They wrote:

Not sure it is a good idea to startle a tattooist in the middle of applying permanent ink.

A brilliant prank.

She definitely had me fooled.