Woman Who Survived Barcelona Attack Was Also Caught Up In London Bridge And Paris

A 26-year-old female survivor of yesterday’s horrific Barcelona Attack has claimed she was also caught up in attacks at Paris and London Bridge.

Julia Monaco, from Melbourne, Australia, was out with friends shopping around the Las Ramblas area at the exact same moment a man drove a white Mercedes van into crowds of people – killing 13 and injuring a further 100.

Ms Monaco was locked inside a shop in Placa de Catalyuna, at the top of Las Ramblas while, what she described as ‘absolute pandemonium’ was all around her, reports The Independent.

Shockingly, this is the third time in the past twelve months Julia has reportedly experienced a situation like this. Ms Monaco was placed in lockdown on the London Tube when three knife men went on a killing spree in the British capital.

She was also at Notre Dame when a police officer was stabbed outside of the cathedral.

Speaking to 9 News, she said:

 We didn’t see the van, we could just see the crowds and the police and some people who had clearly seen something terrible happen.

We were looking at about 200 people crowded out in the square. Suddenly everyone outside just started screaming and everyone turned at the same time.

People were literally pushing to get into the store off the street… We were genuinely terrified.

After yesterday’s initial attack a further five terrorists were shot dead by police in Cambrils, 70 miles away from Barcelona.

Those shot were wearing fake suicide vests and it is thought they were planning to begin a second attack.

Sadly one woman who was caught up in the shootout has since died of her injuries taking the total number of civilian fatalities up to 14.

Our thoughts are with the victims, their families, and anyone affected by the traumatic events