Woman Takes Her Own Life After Being Raped and Molested By Her Own Father, Brother, and Uncle

Warning: the following article may contain distressing or upsetting content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Millions of women (and men) are raped and molested on a daily basis around the world. While most of these crimes go without punishment, a few are brought to justice, where criminals pay for their ill doings.

In addition to mental and emotional effects of trauma, sexual assault and rape are crimes that violate the body. Many rape victims suffer from depression and other emotional and psychological disorders.

Sadly, not all rapists are caught. And if ever they are caught, they are not given the punishment they deserve. This was the case for Pitchie Inoue, an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Japan.

According to Pitchie, her father, brother, uncle, and a family friend raped her when she was still in the Philippines. What pained her most was that her mother knew of the abuse, but chose to stay silent. Apparently, her family didn’t want any of their scandals to get out because they were too ashamed that they might be the laughingstock of the neighborhood.

Though Pitchie was able to marry a man who accepted her past and formed a family with her, she was continuously haunted by her experience. One of her assailants even told her that if she wants to take her own life that she ‘do it while she was in Japan’.

To fulfil her family’s ‘wish’, she took a handful of pills and drank them all at once, while recording her suicide on her cellphone. The video was later shared on Facebook by user Jayson D delos Reyes, and has reached more than 2,500 shares as of this article’s writing.