Woman Snaps Photo of Figure In Hospital Right Before Her Dad Dies, Realizes Who It Was

If you’ve ever been with someone while they take their last few breaths, there is a good chance you experienced something that was almost surreal. Sometimes it’s an eerie feeling in the room all on its own, and other times it’s witnessing your loved one talk about beings that he/she is seeing. Because so many people have experienced this, there is reason to believe that we see those who have passed before us, as we take our last breaths. Oftentimes, a widow who is preparing to pass will see her husband who passed years before, as if pulling her into death with him and making her feel some comfort along the way.

After a long battle with bowel cancer, Sharron Coll’s beloved father, Roy was on his deathbed, preparing to leave his life behind. As she was looking after him while he was in hospice care, Sharron noticed that he kept gesturing toward something outside the door of his room.

While Roy wasn’t able to express himself with words to describe what he was looking at, Sharron was convinced that he was frightened but she assumed it was just his medication taking effect.

It wasn’t until Sharron left the room to use the bathroom that she saw exactly what Roy had been looking at. On her way back to Roy’s room, she saw a dark, shadowy figure standing in the hospice hallway, right outside of the room Roy was in. She said that it looked like the figure was leaning over a book and there was what appeared to be some type of blackbird beside him. It was a crow or raven.

Sharron managed to take a photo and capture the eerie figure on film. A few hours later, Roy passed away.

“Apparently crows and ravens are supposed to be a sign of death,” said Sharron, who showed the photo to her brother. Her brother claimed that the dark figure was similar to what some call the grim reaper, which is a sign of death.

“I’ve seen spirits since I was 5 years old,” Sharron said. “But that did scare me a bit, and it’s not until I looked at it properly that I saw it looked like he is praying over some kind of book. It looks like a monk — not a grim reaper, which was a relief.”

When Sharron looks at the photo now, she gets a feeling of comfort, knowing that someone was watching over her father.

“The pictures are very personal to me and have provided a lot of comfort to me since losing my dad,” said Sharron.

Commenters shared their own similar experiences…

“I grew up in the house my Grandma was born in &, for a time, my little brother & I shared the upstairs front bedroom. That room had been my Grandpa’s room for many years. I turned over in bed one night thinking I heard my brother getting up. There was a man standing at the foot of my bed that I didn’t know. He smiled at me & vanished scaring the crap out of 7 year-old-me! The next morning I told Mom & Grandma what I’d seen. They laughed until I told them what he looked like. I’d never seen a picture of Grandpa because there were very few of him. Turns out that the man I described was Grandpa – who had died 6 years before I was born. When Grandma died, she stayed at the house too. Even my VERY skeptical husband got to know her very well recently & she’s been gone 50 years now. Do I believe? You bet I do!”