Woman Says She’s Done With Men After Having Sex With 20 Ghosts – Wants A ‘Ghost Baby’

Are you the type of person who believes in ghosts? The woman in this story definitely does. She hails from England and she has one heck of a story to tell. Amethyst Realm (of course her name is Amethyst Realm) claims that she has been intimate with 20 ghosts and that these experiences have left her incapable of enjoying sex with a real, live man.

Amethyst works as a guidance counselor for the spiritual realm. Her close encounters with ghosts have allegedly been taking place for 12 years now. The woman claims that her first sexual experience with a ghost took place while she was residing in a home with her then fiancee. In addition, she also believes that she was able to successfully seduce the same ghost when her fiancee was away from home.

She is not able to see the ghosts that she is sleeping with. However, she does claim that she can feel their presence. Amethyst had an affair with the ghost behind her fiancee’s back for three years until she was caught in the act itself. She says that he returned home from work early one day and caught a glimpse of the ghost’s shadow.

Amethyst chose the ghost over her fiancee. Now, she is looking into the idea of a ghost pregnancy. Also known as a “phantom pregnancy”, no one has ever brought a ghost baby to term. This has not stopped Amethyst from giving it her best try. She is not alone in this regard. Bobby Brown and Kesha have both also claimed to have had close encounters of the sexual kind.

Alexander Holder is a ghost research who is throwing a much needed bucket of cold water on this idea. Since ghosts do not give off any warmth, she casts doubts on the claims of ghost coitus. Sleep disorders and sleep paralysis are far more likely explanations for what is taking place in these instances. These types of disorders can cause extremely vivid hallucinations to take place.

Where do you stand on this woman’s story? Do you believe what she has to say or do you think that she is telling tall tales? Be sure to share this odd claim with your friends and loved ones to find out more about what they think on the matter.