Woman Left Bedridden For 35 Years, Doctors Could Not Figure Out Why – Then Family Discoveres It Was Something Hidding In The House

Dana Anhalt was slowly poisoned for 37 years, and as many as 100 doctors unsuccessfully tried to determine the cause of her condition.
Desperate Dana has initially suffered from meningitis, an infection of the sinuses, various attacks, migraine and hormonal problems, which began while she was 16 years old. She even suffered from terrible allergies and she was constantly losing weight.

The now 37-year-old writer from Hangtingtona in New York has even received a diagnosis of Lyme disease in 2016. Despite the treatments, her condition continued to deteriorate.

It was only when the family noticed a musty smell from their basement they realized their home was infested with poisonous black mold.

Doctors ordered Dana to leave her house without her possessions and now the family have raised more than $31,000 (£25,500) to help with the move.

Dana said: ‘I’ve spent all 37 years of my life slowly being poisoned from the inside out.

‘The genetic testing was difficult to look at but it was also one of the most of vindicating things I’ve ever seen. Suddenly, decades of my experience made sense.’

Dana was first sick when she developed glandular fever aged 16 which had long term effect on her health.

She said: ‘When I was a child I was sick quite often.

‘I was plagued with constant sinus infections, repeated bouts of strep, migraines, hormonal trouble and mounting gastrointestinal symptoms.

She is also studying psychology to help others suffering from complex illnesses.

She added: ‘Of course, it has been tempting to give up at times.

‘Not only do I persevere for the sake of my loved ones, but because I feel I truly have something to give back to the community.

‘I look forward to being an advocate for those with complex illnesses; a ballast in the face of the pervasive invalidation in our medical system.’