Woman Has Dark Premonition About Her Daughters’ Death Which Comes True

A mother has shared the chilling premonition she had before losing three of her daughters.

Bunga Ardee, 34, from Sarakham Province, Thailand, suffered an unimaginable tragedy when her three daughters drowned in a swamp as she collected lotus flowers.

Just the day before Ms Ardee had dreamed that she would lose her children to drowning.

The accident happened while she was collecting flowers from a pond to sell at market.

Her daughters Phraewa, 2, Beam, 7, and Karn, 9, were playing on the shore with her nephew as their mother worked.

But while her back was turned the girls followed their nephew into the swamp after he called out that he had caught a fish.

All three girls were drowned despite the efforts of emergency services.

Their heartbroken mother said:

I never thought this could happen to me. When I walked out of the water they were nowhere.

Bunga also described the chilling dream she had the night before:

The night before they died I dreamed that my youngest daughter drowned in the water . I dreamed that I went to help her.

She added:

There was an old person stood laughing at me. I asked where are you from, why are you laughing?

Bunga explained how she was able to go to the swamp after such a chilling night, ‘I woke up and said to my self it was just a dream.’ She continued, ‘But now it has happened. I am so sad. My daughters are gone forever.’