Woman Goes To Cook Chicken She Just Bought When She Spots A Nightmare

You’ve seen stories of gross findings in food before, but this may just very well be the worst thing ever discovered.

A woman purchased an organic chicken from a Coles supermarket in Melbourne, Australia only to make a truly disturbing discovery.
Bernadette Balanco bought the Lilydale chicken and brought it home, finding maggots and worms inside. Disgusting. She posted a pic of the grotesque finding on the supermarket’s Facebook page, writing: “The chicken was still far away from its use-by date, but when I got home and started cutting it open I discovered the most disturbing sight ever.”

She added: “This is the first time in my life I have ever seen chicken like this and this has definitely put me completely off buying chicken – or any meat for that matter – from Coles ever again.”

Balanco also explained that she returned the chicken to the supermarket and the staff wasn’t too concerned, explaining: “The store assistant didn’t even want to look at the chicken and simply threw the chicken in the bin and refunded me.”

She added: “I would expect Coles to take this more seriously and inspect their food storage conditions more carefully.”

According to Daily Mail Australia, a spokesperson from Coles said they are investigating the matter, saying: “We take food quality and safety very seriously and we never like to see our customers disappointed. ‘We are following up with the supplier as a matter of priority.’

Meanwhile, the Lilydale owners, Baiada Poultry, believed that the chicken had grains and not maggots in it, explaining: “We are currently investigating the post. The image appears to show grains.”

Commenters on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the story weighed in, with one person explaining: “That’s the innards, filled with the chicken’s last meals. I don’t know whether they’re sold completely whole generally speaking, usually I’d expect them to be gutted, but that’s not maggots. This is just ignorance I’m afraid.”

Another echoed this explanation, writing: “The images look like the contents of the chicken gizzard, so mostly grains and not maggots that have entered the chicken. This is what comes when people do not know what a real dead animal contains and looks like when you slaughter them for meat.”

One person offered: “This is just what the chicken last ate, looks like the people at the organic farm forgot to remove all of the offal. At first I was disturbed but then when I realized what it was, not so much because it’s not due to unclean food practices, they just simply must have just missed the removal of offal on this particular chicken.”

Still another person was a bit unclear about the images, writing: “I’m not sure what I’m looking at… Is that the stomach of a large chicken filled with grain and mealworms?”

Other commentators were, understandably, grossed out, with comments such as: “Coles were recently pulled up on maggots in their sausages too. Anyone going vegetarian for a bit? I think I am,” “I just threw up in my mouth,” and “Disgusting! Not shopping there again.”

And this person found the perfect joke for the situation: “Free stuffing. Just add some sage and onions and breadcrumbs.”