Woman Cleaning Out A Bowfin For Dinner Gets The Surprise of Her Life

A bowfin is also known as mud pike, mudfish, dogfish, grinnet, and griddle. They are, according to Wikipedia, the only surviving species from the order Amiiformes – which can be traced back to prehistoric times. The bowfin has even retained some of the looks that their early ancestors had.

Bowfin can be found living in the eastern US and in southern Quebec and Canada, and Many anglers refer to them as “trash fish.” However, if properly cleaned, they are enjoyed by many in fishcakes or blackened.

One woman was cleaning her bowfin when something rather unexpected happened! The fish was already dead, it had no guts, and the head was in the sink.

Can you guess what happened?! It moved! Watch the video to see the gutted fish respond when the woman touches it! Then you can listen to the explanation the couple comes up with as to why it is still kicking!

The bowfin is a bimodal breather, which means it can actually breathe both underwater and in the air. They prefer to live in lowland rivers, lakes, and swamps.

This has created a market for substitutes, like bowfin, paddlefish, and other species of sturgeon. Bowfin caviar is often sold as “Cajun caviar!”