‘Nephilim’ Child Born In India

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A woman in India claims that she has conceived a Nephilim son. The mother claims that her offspring is actually a reincarnation of a Hindu god.The idea of Nephilim is based on beliefs that they are offspring’s that result from sexual relations between the sons of God and daughters of men.

The word Nephilim in Hebrew means to fall. The refers to fallen angel. It’s often mentioned in the Bible, Koran and the Talmud and the Koran. The woman is known as Khalida Begum. She is a mother of four children. She gave birth to the unnamed baby boy on Monday.

Begum was shocked when she saw the alien-like appearance of the baby. The medical professionals in India diagnosed the boy with extremely rare genetic condition harlequin ichthyosis. The condition gives victims thick skin and deformed features.The Villagers in Kadamgachi in Kathihar, are now flocking to the family home. They believe that he is an incarnation of Hindu monkey god Hanuman.

The disappointed mother had initially refused to breastfeed her premature baby. She called it an ‘alien’ after the child was born with a hardened shell of skin and deformed features.She, later on, gave up to her motherly instincts and started nursing the baby hours after his birth. The 35-year-old mother, Khalida Begum, gave birth to the baby boy at her home at Kadamgachi in Kathihar in north Indian state of Bihar.

The shocking news of the bizarre looking boy spread everywhere. The locals flocked to the hospital to have a look at him.The baby has big pop out eyes, tiny skull, and hardened shell-like a body that had green lines on it.The mother said that several body parts of the baby are not completely developed.

Her other children were born healthy without any deformity. That is why she took some time to recover from the shock.The boy’s father is known as Mohammed Imtiyaz. He said that maybe God has sent him as an exhibit.The local sources have said that the boy was not expected to survive the deformity that he has.

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