Woman ‘Buried Alive Tried To Fight Way Out Of Coffin For 11 Days’, Family Say

The family of a Brazilian woman have claimed she was buried alive and may have spent 11 days trying to fight her way out of a coffin.

Rosangela Almeida dos Santos, 37, was pronounced dead and a funeral was held for her in the town of Riachao das Neves in the northeast of Brazil.

But her family dug up her grave after reportedly being told by people living nearby that they heard screams and moans coming from the cemetery, according to Brazilian news site G1.

Video footage shows a wooden coffin being lifted by a group of men from its resting place and being opened.

Relatives claimed that when she was dug up, there was evidence of a struggle, such as wounds on her hands and forehead that they believe were not there when she was put to rest.

Her mother told the news site that nails inside the casket had been loosened as if she had been trying to escape.

One neighbour, Natalina Silva, said in a video interview shared on G1 that she heard two moans coming from the Senhora Santana cemetery, which she had initially thought were just children playing tricks.

Her death certificate suggested that Ms Almeida dos Santos had died from septic shock on 28 January. It is understood that she had also had two cardiac arrests.

She was buried the following day in Senhora Santana cemetery.

But relatives claim that this was an error and that her body was still warm when it was uncovered.

The incident was reported to police who have begun an investigation.

The hospital who declared the 37-year-old deceased, Hospital de Oeste, have said they will give all the necessary information to the authorities and family.

But according to initial findings, the information that led to relatives digging up the tomb may just have been rumours, it is reported.

Those involved may now be accused of the crime of violating a grave.