Woman Breaks A World Record After Dangling By Her Teeth 300 Feet Above Niagara Falls

American aerialist Erendira Wallenda has broken a world record after dangling by her teeth from a helicopter over the teeming waters of Niagara Falls.

The 36-year-old successfully pulled off the stunt on Thursday – five years to the day that her daredevil husband Nik Wallenda walked a tight rope over the falls.

Wallenda, a mother-of-three, was tethered to a hoop suspended from a helicopter 300 feet above the water.

Dressed in a black body suit, she performed a few acrobatic maneuvers before briefly hanging by her teeth with the use of a mouth guard.

The aerialist said the stunt broke a height record Nik Wallenda set in 2011 when he hung by his teeth 250 feet above Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.

Wallenda said she was caught off guard by the windy conditions above the cataracts, something her husband had to deal with during his 2012 stunt.

But she said in the post-stunt news conference that the experience was ‘beautiful and amazing.’

She said she listened to music throughout so as to block out any sound from spectators below.

The aerialist spent about eight minutes of the 10-minute stunt hovering over the falls after the helicopter took off from the parking lot roof of the nearby Seneca Niagara casino.

Only a few dozen people viewed the stunt from the ground on the American side of the falls, compared to the tens of thousands who gathered on the US and Canadian sides for Nik Wallenda’s televised high-wire walk over Niagara Falls.

Wallenda comes from a family of stunt artists and world record chasers.

Her most recent stunt adds to the lore and legend of the renowned Wallenda family, famous for astonishing audiences around the world with their jaw-dropping stunts executed from dizzying heights.

In June 2013, her husband became the first man to cross the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, completing that record-breaking feat in under 23 minutes.



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