Woman Beheaded In Broad Daylight In ‘Moderate’ Muslim Nation While Police Watch

In this graphic video taken in Saudi Arabia near the city of Mecca, a woman is punished for having committed what her husband alleges is the murder of his 7-year-old daughter.

The convicted woman is led out before a crowd in broad daylight and beheaded in the middle of a lot.

It is unknown whether or not she was afforded due process during her defense, but the Saudi justice system is typically discriminatory against female defendants.

Are these savages people that can be reasoned with?

Evil of this sort needs to be eradicated. Not just the head of the snake, but the ideology that fosters this kind of actions.

If moderate Muslim nations don’t get their act together, they will also descend into the Dark Ages.

The fact that such an act could be committed in such a savage way is really impossible to comprehend.

When pondering the future of the “community of nations,” we need to understand that there are some nations that are literally living with morals that the Western World ditched hundreds of years ago.

Are these people that we would like to join forces with in fighting evil that exists in the world?

It would seem that at least as a start, we should focus on getting basic modern morals across to nations that are capable of allowing things like this to occur in their midst, and only after there is some level of acceptance of norms that we can accept should we strive to bring them into whatever “community of peace-loving” nations exist.

Otherwise, we should stop deluding ourselves into thinking that we can do anything truly constructive with such primitive and savage countries.

If business deals are necessary with Saudi Arabia in order to keep the oil flowing, that’s all well and fine.

But, let’s accept the fact that they are a backwards and primitive country that we do NOT share common morals with, and only when they advance by a few centuries will we be able to make some progress together in bringing the world to a better place.