Will Vladimir Putin Reveal Aliens Are Here? The ‘Real Reason’ Why Donald Trump Won’t Do It

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump and his predecessors have not admitted to the world that aliens exist and are HERE on Earth, because it would “breach the US Constitution” and risk the “collapse of the global economy”, it has shockingly been claimed.

Aliens have been working alongside the US and other world governments since at least 1947, when the infamous Roswell UFO crash happened in New Mexico, according to conspiracy theorists.

Steve Bassett, chief executive of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), is the only registered lobbyist in the US on the issue of “alien and UFO disclosure”.

He and many others are convinced the US government has been secretly working with alien visitors since 1947 on developing new technologies, but it has been kept hidden under a worldwide “truth embargo”.

He believes this is because of fears on the impact on religion, the rule of law, and the fossil fuel economy.

Mr Bassett believes no US officials will ever admit the truth embargo is in place because it will “expose a constitutional breach” that has been going on for years.

He has taken his mission to Russia in the hope that Vladimir Putin will break the embargo and finally admit that “aliens are here”.

Mr Bassett was given major air time on Ren TV, one of the most watched networks in Russia with a viewer base of 120 million, after being extensively interviewed in Moscow in May.

The interview, which has just been screened by Ren TV, was conducted by journalist Natalia Pryguina.

Excerpts from the interview, dubbed in Russian, have now been aired on the program Most Shocking Hypotheses (самые шокирующие), a paranormal and alternative documentary series hosted by Russian celebrity Igor Prokopenko.

A PRG spokesman said the group was hopeful the interview and further work Mr Bassett is carrying out with Russian activists might prompt President Putin to make world news by announcing the truth about aliens.

The spokesman said: “Bassett covered a broad range of topics including various considerations that might prompt Russian President Vladimir Putin to make the first formal acknowledgment by a head of state regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

“PRG believes this to be the first time anyone has made this argument on Russian media inside or outside Russia.”

While in Moscow Mr Bassett took meetings with a number of groups addressing the extraterrestrial phenomena issues in Russia.

The spokesman added: “These groups included a number of former Soviet and Russian military and agency officials.

“There has always been a considerable, open engagement of extraterrestrial-related phenomena within Russia and the Soviet Union by the public and the government.”

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk earlier this year, Mr Bassett said he and many others believe aliens have shared UFO “anti-gravity flight technology” with the US Government, and, if it became public, it would mean the end of the fossil fuel economy.

In the US, the most secretive operations are called Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP), and he said the alien collaborations were carried out as these.

He said: “They do not even acknowledge the existence of these projects, even the president, White House, and Congress, may not know they are going ahead, but this is a major constitutional breach, and so to admit to it now, would expose years of this breach.”

Mr Bassett believes this is why it is so difficult to get a US alien announcement, and he has turned to Mr Putin.

In the Russian documentary Mr Prokopenko says: “Researchers assert that they know the reasons why the US authorities conceal information about UFOs. If evidence about UFOs is disclosed, the entire world economy will crash.

“Bassett shared the results of his investigation with us in the exclusive interview.

“His main point: America already possesses ET technologies.

“The technologies are concealed. They are not accessible to masses and human civilisation because they fall under the truth embargo.”

Mr Bassett said on camera: “These craft that appeared en mass in 1947, which are usually talked about as ‘saucers’, they do not use oil, gasoline, or gas, or coal.

“They have another system of energy. Without a doubt, much more complicated and deeper system, anti-gravitational.

“Some programs were removed from the jurisdiction of the White House and Congress, and are being worked on somewhere, very, very deep, in a ‘black manner’.

Only the people engaged in it know about this. This is a direct violation of the Constitution.

“I can assure you that when a head of state will finally admit this fact formally, and will present the evidence, people will be worried, they will want to learn more.

“But at the same time, religion will continue its existence. And the economy, even if it stops its development, it will have new opportunities opened up.

“Everything will be OK with it. People and countries will exist.”

There is, as yet, no confirmed evidence that intelligent aliens exist and are on Earth, or that UFOs are alien craft.

However, Mr Bassett and many others say the evidence is “absolutely overwhelming” and are convinced it has been happening for years.

According to PRG more than 50 percent of people in the US also believe this to be the case.




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