Wild Eyes and Bowl Cuts: Why Do Mass Shooters Always Share The Same Hair Styles & Crazed Zombie Stares?

Nearly all mass shooters in recent memory share two things rarely pointed out in the media: bowl-cut hair styles and wild-eyed hollow stares.

It’s all in the eyes and the hair, it seems, as you can see in the photo compilation below, showing the haircuts and wild eyes of Dylann Roof, James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Michael Carneal and Kip Kinkel — all young men implicated in mass shootings.


The most popular hair style of mass shooters is the bowl cut. Of the five photos shown below, only James Holmes doesn’t have a straight-combed bowl cut. It’s fascinating to me that while you see utterly moronic comments in the mainstream media like, “All white people are terrorists,” you never see anyone commenting, “All people with bowl cut hair styles are terrorists.” Nope, that would be stupid, right? Because your hair style doesn’t make you a killer.

But the inverse might very well be true: Killers may share a common pattern in the way they keep their own hair, reflecting an internal attitude of self-loathing, psychosis, chaos, extreme hatred or other forms of mental illness. In other words, you can’t logically conclude that every person with a bowl cut is a psychotic killer, but it seems that most of the psychotic killers do indeed wear a bowl cut hair style.

Wild-eyed psychosis

Another important trait of mass killers is their wild-eyed zombie stares. James Holmes and Adam Lanza, both shown below, offer the best examples of this. Their eyes are almost popping out of their heads.

Dylann Roof and Kip Kinkel, on the other hand, have what I call the disconnected stare into oblivion. It’s as if they are looking into an alternate world playing out in their heads, completely disconnected from the real world.

What might account for this?


The psych drug shooter connection

There is a common explanation for all this: Psych drugs.

Every one of these killers was known to either be taking mind-altering prescription drugs at the time of their massacres or recently using such drugs. Dylann Roof, for example, the shooter of the black church victims in Charleston, was known to be on Suboxone, a powerful mind-altering medication. His friends said he also purchased Xanax on the street and was a “pill-popper” who abused a variety of prescription drugs.

Here at Natural News, I’ve reported on the link between psychiatric drugs and mass killings for over a decade. In this article, I reprint the “big list” of psych drug-linked shooters and mass killings, showing how SSRIs, antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs are routinely linked to these events.

The website SSRIstories.net has even compiled an exhaustive collection of 5,000 news stories documenting links between psych drugs and mass killings.

Also see Top psychiatrist: Meds behind school massacres at WND.com

Interestingly, only conservative media has begun to cover these links between psych drugs and mass killings. The liberal media is largely running interference for Big Pharma, blocking any such stories while desperately attempting to place the blame for all these killings on a physical object — a gun — rather than the drug-warped minds of the young men who made the decision to pull the trigger. (Guns don’t shoot by themselves. Someone must make the decision to point it and pull the trigger.)

Conservative media is finally covering links between psych drugs and mass shootings

Conservative media is presently doing a fantastic job on this issue, detailing why the mass psychiatric drugging of young white men is leading to so many outbreaks of violence in America. One of the best examples of this coverage comes from Dr. Manny Alvarez of Fox News. In the article, he explains:

I believe that an epidemic of drug abuse in this country is helping to fuel the violence. I am not talking about marijuana, cocaine or heroin – I am specifically singling out prescription drug abuse.

It is alleged that Roof was taking Xanax and Soboxone. A high school classmate even referred to him as a “pill popper.”

Many of these drugs are sold on the streets by people who have obtained them illegally. A National Household Survey on Drug Abuse indicated that an estimated 36 million U.S. residents aged 12 and older abused prescription drugs at least once in their lifetime. In breaking that number down, it found that 2.7 million of those individuals were aged 12 to 17, and 6.9 million were aged 18 to 25. Those purchasing the drugs are unaware of potential side effects or the dangers that they may pose to others while on the medications.

Let’s look at James Holmes, the accused killer who opened fire on a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, killing 12 and wounding 70. Holmes had been prescribed a generic version of Zoloft, which is used to treat depression, panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Clonazepam, which treats anxiety and panic attacks. Zoloft has the potential to cause suicidal ideation, while Clonazepam also carries the potential for serious side effects.

Next, let’s consider Eric Harris, who along with Dylan Klebold, opened fire on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School, murdering 13 classmates before killing themselves. Harris had been prescribed the powerful antidepressant Luvox.

One in 10 Americans now takes antidepressant medications and many others illegally acquire these drugs for recreational use. I am certainly not suggesting that one in 10 of us is a killer. What I am saying, is that when these powerful medications are given, they must be medically supervised, and all of the side effects must be considered by the prescribing doctor. When there is no medical supervision, or lax guidance, these drugs can enhance aggressive behavior and further fuel irrational thinking. The illegal prescription drug abuse on the streets is far too great for us to ignore.

Uncontrolled drug abuse in people that already possess racism and hatred in their hearts makes for an incredibly dangerous situation.

Psych drugs + hatred + illegal guns can lead to insane violence

What Dr. Manny is saying is right on the money here. He’s not claiming that psychiatric drugs alone can transform people into crazy killers, but when they are consumed by people who are already near the breaking point with rage, hatred, racism, anti-American sentiment (Roof was a flag burner who hated America) and other forms of suppressed rage, they can push people over the edge and unleash their “inner killer.” Combine that with illegal access to guns, and you have a “perfect storm” for mass casualties. (Roof had a felony charge pending, so he could not legally purchase a gun from a gun shop, by the way.)

Psych drugs, in other words, are the “activation switch” for unleashing a violent, murderous rage in some individuals. And because psychiatric drugs are so commonly prescribed to tens of millions of people, it’s a daily roll of the dice that’s almost begging for more violence and mass killings across America, none of which the liberal media dare link to psychiatric drugs, of course, because that would distract from their own narrative that guns alone are to blame for these events.

Point in fact: No gun has ever pulled its own trigger. The trigger must be pulled by a person making a decision to pull it. That decision is made in the brain, and that brain is intoxicated with prescription medications that alter brain function. Thus, the prescription drugs play a crucial role in the decision chain that leads to these mass killings.

No one would blame an automobile for fatalities caused by a drunk driver, for example. The alcohol impairs the brain, and that brain is making the driving decisions that cause a fatal accident. The object (the car) didn’t kill anyone; it was the combination of an intoxicated brain and extremely poor decision making on the part of the person abusing the substance.

Take the example of Dylann Roof. He sat in a church alongside his intended victims for over an hour, pondering his actions and deciding to kill these people. If the gun alone was responsible for the killings, it would have leapt out of his pocket and started shooting by itself. But that gun stayed in his pocket for an hour, until Roof made the insane DECISION to start shooting people and committing mass murder for the specific purpose of igniting race wars in America.

What kind of demented mind would ever make such a decision? A mind on psych drugs. That’s the pattern we see over and over again.

In addition to pondering practical questions like, “How did this guy obtain a gun in the first place?”, maybe it’s time we also started a national conversation about “medication control” and stopped drugging up all our young white males with mind-altering drugs. One of the reasons all these shooters are young white males, by the way, is because young white males are the primary targets of psychiatric drugging in America. Learn more from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

In the mean time, beware of wild-eyed young males wearing bowl cut hair styles and staring into oblivion. They might be just one Xanax away from killing everyone in the room.