Wikileaks Director Found Dead

The Director of Wikileaks – and Julian Assange Mentor – Gavin Macfadyen was found dead last night.

The original tweet stated he died after a short illness but that tweet was immediately pulled off of Twitter

No Censoring There

Macfadyen was a Film Maker who  founded the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) in 1993,  an organization that broke many, many stories.

He was currently working on stories concerning Voter Fraud that is already occurring in states like Texas.

The cause of Macfadyen’s death has not yet been determined.

Earlier this year Macfayden gave an interview with Russian TV where Wikileaks clearly shows exactly what is going on with these politicians in the US and UK.

The releases clearly show how the Big H, and her aid John Podesta, were clearly guilty of Treason and Murder of US Soldiers for personal gain. Apparently these Key Democratic Leaders are currently expanding I.S.I.S. and Daesh before the election to give the Big H a boost at the polls on election day.

MacFadyen was simply the Director of Wikileaks, a huge Chinese Company that actually started in Australia but spans the globe.

The death of one or 2 men will not stop these leaks. There are over 27 key leaders that are now working on this project.

Something, however, is not clear on this.

Has it all been pre-planned?

Voter Fraud, Hillary’s Murders being exposed now, a coming revolution where we kill each other as the leaders laugh at us?

We have shown the Big H as a murderer using Congressional Reports since I began on TV in 2008.

The Big Question is – why expose it now?

Look at the video of Julian Assange in 2012, and then the one a few days ago and a current picture of Julian today???

Filmed on the same day using the same microphones, same haircut, same shite, same cracks in the paint onhte window…..

It just does not add up – does it?

Are we just pawns in a big game to lead us down the Primrose Path to Perdition?


Pray your families are ready

Pray also that the leaders purposely creating this mess either repent and do good or are permanently removed from this planet immediately.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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