Why You Should Stack Copper Coins On Your Laptop

Most of us have laptops that we use on a daily basis, maybe even for binge watching your favorite TV show. However, in the effort to make laptops small, their cooling systems can often be way underdesigned for heavy use. This causes them to overheat, and maybe even become so hot that it hurts to touch them.


This little trick could save you during your all-nighters or, more likely, your marathon downloading sessions.

Anytime you’re overworking your laptop, you run the risk of overheating. However, one guy has developed an interesting homemade improvisation to this problem.

Akinori Suzuki tweeted an image showing how he managed to ease his MacBook Pro’s overheating troubles by lining up 10 yen coins along the top of the laptop. He explained that the copper coins are able to dissipate the heat. The 10 yen coin is a particularly good coin to use as it is composed of about 95 percent copper.

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Suzuki argues it work as copper has high thermal conductivity, which allows for a faster transfer of heat away from the computer’s plastic casing.

However, many coins that we think are copper actually have very little copper in them nowadays. For Brits, the best bet is a £1 coin – which is comprised of 70 percent copper. One and 2 pence coins won’t do much, as these have merely copper-plating. In Australia, perhaps where this trick will be most useful, all of their coins have high copper content, especially the 1 cent and 2 cent coins. As for the United States, quarters, nickels and, $1 coins are your best bet.

As you can see to someone else’s novel design, this can also be applied to desktop computer towers.