Why You Can’t Breathe Properly Through Your Nose and Dangers of It

There are many reasons why you could have trouble breathing through your nose during the day or while you lie in bed at night. This serious issue not only affects adults, it is an issue that can impact the breathing in toddlers too. When you have trouble breathing through your nose, it can affect the way that your voice sounds, making it appear nasally or congested. This hyponasal speech can cause chronic mouth-breathing and dental malocclusion could result.

If the following information on reasons you can’t breathe properly through your nose and dangers of it do not help to give you a better understanding what is wrong, your best bet is scheduling a nasal endoscopy with a qualified local physician. During this procedure, the physician will be in a better position to get a closer look at the back of the nose which can not be seen through the nasal passages with a flashlight. The physician will be able to determine at that point which surgical or medical treatment would be best for your specific case.

The best way to understand what may be wrong with your breathing is to take a closer look at some of the most popular questions physicians across the country answer concerning reasons you can’t breathe properly through your nose and dangers of it!

1.”Why Can’t I Breathe Through One Side of My Nose?”

Whether during the day or when you are trying to rest in bed at night, if you are having trouble because you can only breathe through one side of your nose this can be a serious issue. The most likely culprit is a deviated septum, and the only way to get the issue fixed is with a surgical procedure by a local physician. If you do not have this issue addressed, that deviated septum could result in the development of nasal polyps.

2.”Why Can’t I Breathe Through My Nose in Fall and Spring?”

When you only have difficulties breathing through your nose during certain times of the year, the most likely culprit is allergies. The treatment for allergies is by way of a number of medications. The underlying cause may be the early stages of a deviated septum or turbinate hypertrophy, your physician will have to take a closer examination.

3.”Why Do I Have Trouble Breathing Through Both Sides of My Nose Together?”

This is a simple question and results in a very complicated answer. The cause of the difficulty breathing through both sides of the nose can be a deviated septum, allergies, adenoid hypertrophy, or turbinate hypertrophy. It could be one of these or all playing a role in your trouble breathing. The treatment for your problem depends greatly on what a preliminary examination by your physician uncovers. If the condition has been getting worse over time, it could also be a case of nasal polyps. If you have been using a nasal decongestant often, you may have rhinitis medicamentosa.

4.” What is Causing My Nasal Passages to Clog When I Have a Cold?”

When you are suffering from a case of terrible nasal congestion, general nasal swelling combined with turbinate hypertrophy is most likely the underlying cause. Medications and time are really the best treatments as this general swelling should subside and your breathing resume once you are over your cold. Again, if you have been using a nasal decongestant too long, you may have rhinitis medicamentosa.

5.”Why Am I Losing My Ability to Taste and Smell Foods?

If you are noticing that you have been slowly losing your ability to taste foods and smell them, the cause could be the growth of nasal polyps. This is not an overnight condition, you probably have been losing that ability to smell for quite some time but now that the passages are becoming blocked by the polyps it is more pronounced. The most likely treatment here is a medical procedure to remove the polyps and your sense of smell will return soon after.

6.”Why Does One Passage Get Blocked When I Lay on That Side?”

If you are lying on your side and one passage of the nose gets blocked, then you roll to the other side and that side clogs while the other passage opens, this is most likely a case of turbinate hypertrophy. The ideal fix for this condition is surgery, but depending on the severity of your case, the physician may prescribe atrovent, steriods, or nasal sprays to help alleviate your discomfort at night.

7.”Why Can I Breathe Through My Nose Standing Up But Not Lying Down?”
If you are only having difficulties breathing when you are lying down, again, the culprit here is most likely turbinate hypertrophy. The fix for most people with this condition is surgery, but your physician may prescribe atrovent, steriods, or nasal sprays to alleviate that discomfort at night. The longer that you leave this condition untreated, the more dangerous it can be as the passage allows less air through.

8.”Why Is My Trouble Breathing Through My Nose Getting Worse?”

If you have always experienced some degree of difficulties breathing through your nose but those conditions are slowly getting worse every year, the most likely cause is that you have nasal polyps growing in the nasal passages. This condition has to be treated surgically by a physician before the passages become completely blocked. The longer this issue persists, the more dangerous it can become to breathe at night as you may start developing a loud snore as a result.

If you are experiencing some degree of a nasal passage blockage, rather than self-diagnosing your problem, a physician can carefully look inside and give you a better explanation of what is going on and why it needs to be addressed in a timely manner. If the issue is polyps, a simple medical procedure can remedy the trouble and this can stop them from growing too large and disrupting your breathing further. While turbinate hypertrophy, deviated septum, allergies, adenoid hypertrophy, and nasal polyps are the most common causes of your trouble breathing through the nose, it could also be related to a pregnancy.