Why The Illuminati Killed JFK

The assassination of John F. Kennedy has probably sparked more conspiracy theories than any other event inhistory. Some of these conspiracies make sense while the rest of them are bogus. However, one question is never answered by any of them, and that is why? Some say the assassination was a KGB plot, others say it was a mafia hit. The possibilities are endless, yet the answer is quite simple. It was the Illuminati, and here’s why.


When Kennedy assumed the presidency in 1961, the world was becoming a tumultuous place. The Cold War was at its height and Cuba had just declared its allegiance to the Soviet Union. Everything was falling into place for World War III to break out. All that was needed was a crisis to act as a catalyst. During his first year in office, JFK stepped to the tune of the Illuminati. He ordered the Bay of Pigs invasion that was designed only to exacerbate tensions and began to organize a hit against Fidel Castro. In exchange, the Illuminati awarded him with women such as Marilyn Monroe as well as promises to make a political dynasty out of his family. Then Attorney General Robert Kennedy was also tapped to become president and would win in 1972 if all went according to plan, but events did not fall into line as the NWO desired.

In October 1962, American U-2 spy planes began photographing ballistic missile sites in Cuba. What followed was the tensest period and possibly the climax of the Cold War. For thirteen horrifying days, the U.S. and Soviet Union faced-off over the fate of those missiles in the Caribbean. In the end, war was averted and the missiles were withdrawn. Instead of World War III starting, a cooling of tensions began as more emphasis on diplomacy emerged which led to peace strategies such as détente and SALT. The likelihood that a nuclear exchange would ever happen quickly subsided after both sides realized how close they had come.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a big win for U.S. diplomacy and the Kennedys, but it was a big loss for the Illuminati. To the secret order, a nuclear war was essential to creating a single global power. With the Soviet Union eliminated by America’s technical and geographic superiority, a single economic power would remain to rebuild the world. That would be NATO. With much of the world in ruins, the Illuminati would remold the countries hit hardest through banking and finance. That would tie the world together under one economy and thus one power.

Unfortunately for the NWO, it did not happen. Kennedy broke ranks with those who placed him in power when he pursued peace with Nikita Khrushchev, even to the point when war seemed virtually inevitable. What he was supposed to do was order an invasion of Cuba, and he didn’t. When this happened, the Illuminati needed to dispose of him quickly and hoped for better luck with Lyndon B. Johnson (someone who advocated a military strike against Cuba’s missile sites). With Kennedy’s successor already chosen, the secret order made its move.

On November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK in Dallas, Texas. Because Oswald had been recruited through NWO channels during his time in the Soviet Union and Mexico, he knew too much and also had to be eliminated. In the attempt to clean up the mess, the Illuminati arranged for President Johnson to establish the Warren Commission in order to discourage notions of conspiracies. It failed miserably.

Fortunately for the NWO, the abundance of theories about who killed Kennedy helped mask their involvement and gave them new ideas about how to cover up future misdeeds. As for the Kennedys, their punishmentcontinued well after JFK’s assassination. The Illuminati made its point loud and clear to other families who had pledged their allegiance. Never again would a Kennedy become president. Robert Kennedy attempted to run and was gunned down for it and others in the Kennedy clan have died in “accidents.” Only Caroline Kennedy seems to have avoided the so-called bad luck of her family, but she has also stayed away from politics. As for the lesson learned, take the Bushes for example. They have produced two presidents and have wreaked chaos on the world as well as have ushered in a financial meltdown combined with destabilizing the Middle East. They did not dare go against their Illuminati masters, and they have been rewarded with power and money on a vast level. Their loyalty may even result in the reward of a third president in the family. Only time will tell on that one.

With the assassination of JFK, future presidents learned not to go against the will of the Illuminati. In a fluke ofhistory, Kennedy decided that what was right was more important than serving his satanic masters. He prevented nuclear war and paid the price as a result.