Why Is Antarctica The Only Location On Our Planet That Is Forbidden For Civilians?

What comes into the mind of a regular human being when Antarctica is being mentioned? Off course, the first associations are the cold climate and sub-zero temperatures, harsh territory, mystery structures under the ice, penguins. But not many of us know the fact that Antarctica is the only location on our planet that is forbidden for civilians.

The reasons why is it off limits for civilians immediately pops into our heads. And the answer is not what an everyday human being would expect.

With its 14 million square kilometers, it’s the fifth largest Continent on our planet. Antarctica was not always what it’s now. Actually, it was totally different than the one we acknowledge today.

Around 170 million years ago, there was a supercontinent called Gondwana and Antarctica was a part of it. Around 25 million years ago, Antarctica broke apart piece by piece from this amazing supercontinent.

Antarctica, the homeland of the penguins, covered with ice, in the past, was the pure opposite – a land covered with vegetation and life.

Located beyond north, Antarctica encountered tropical climate which points to the fact it was a continent wrapped in forests and several ancient life creatures. Regarding the fact we don’t know much about the life on the planet in the distant past, it’s clearly possible that this continent was filled with people and developed society, not differing from the other continents.

History says that the initial visit to Antarctica by the mankind was around 1820. Nevertheless, we couldn’t totally justify that statement.

As we said, there is a great number of old maps that illustrate “green Antarctica”. The most bewildering one is the map composed in 1513, by Turkish Admiral Piri Reis. Comparing the years, we are amazed and confused how it is possible for Antarctica to be primarily found in 1820 when it was presented on a map in 1513.

Various maps are the genuine evidence that mainstream scholars are missing something while teaching us about the ancient civilizations. It appears to be that ancient mankind was in fact much more progressive than it’s being credited for.

A very entertaining documentary film, called Third Reich – Operation UFO, investigates Antarctica while searching for answers about a lot of things, including the question if Antarctica could be home to many unrevealed underground bases.

After the Soviet Union broke down in 1991, its main security agency, so-called KGB, leaked some documents about the heinous “Operation Highjump”, which were previously held in a secret. The reports  acquired by Soviet spies working in the US discovered numerous explorations to Antarctica by the US Navy, for unknown reasons.

The official name of the Operation Highjump was “The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Program, 1946 – 1947” and it was organized by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd Jr. and led by Rear Admiral Richard H. Cruzen. Task Force 68 included 4,700 men, 13 ships and 33 aircraft. The official reason was said to be establishing Antarctic research base Little America IV, but people assume it was much deeper than it’s said to the public.

The operation Highjump was extremely held in secret. It all happened very fast and during the operation, Admiral Ramsey only dealt with governmental agencies, not accepting diplomatic negations or foreign spectators.

There were taken more than 70,000 photographs during the flight time, but all of them were wrapped up in a big secret. Also, various men lost their lives in plane crashes.

When he got home, Admiral Byrd was called to participate in an interrogation by the Security Services, before meeting with the Secretary of Defense – James Forrestal.

Admiral Byrd made an overwhelming statement. He said that the flying objects that fly from Pole to Pole with incredible speed are the actual threat. He asked himself, who were the new enemies regarding the fact that Germany suffered an overpowered defeat in the War. Maybe it was the remnants from the German army who made a base in Antarctica? Maybe not?

However, we must admit that Antarctica still is one of the most abandoned and mysterious locations on our planet.

One thing is sure; the Government will continuously explore and investigate in the future. Right now, around 30 nations operate research stations bases on the continent but the public is not given any details about it. The military visits the continent from time to time even though the Antarctic Treaty demands their absolute presence.

Completely surprising details told by a naval officer said that he saw a huge opening in the ice in a no-fly area they were passing over. After that, he carried across a team of scientists who vanished for two weeks and they look very scared. When they returned, their gear was isolated and they were flown back in a special plane. This is one of the most aggravating stories presented to the public about what is happening there on Antarctica.

Nevertheless, people ask their selves all the time. What is the secret that Antarctica is holding? Is their secret made by the modern people we are surrounded with or is it made by the ancients many years ago? Or there is no secret at all and Antarctica is just a frozen continent?