Why Hitler Hired Women To Give Birth To Babies For Him?

“In 1936, Nazi supporter and school graduate Hildegard Trutz was recruited as one of Germany’s racially ‘pure’ women, chosen to sleep with SS officers in the hope of producing an Aryan child.”

During the 1930s in Nazi Germany, a secret plan was implemented which aimed to give birth to ‘Aryan Master Race’ of blue eyed, blonde haired children.

The ‘so -called’ Elite Germans were trusted with the task of breeding and producing the new German Reich. This campaign was called Lebensborn, the terrifying idea which first originated in the mind of SS army head, Heinrich Himmler.

Himmler ruthlessly once said,  “If we succeed in establishing this Nordic race and from this seed bed produce a race  of 200 million, then the world will belong to us.”

SS chief ordered that members of SS (the most aggressive army unit in Germany) will be on the sexual driving seat and ordered them to have affairs in and out of their marriages.

While announcing this mission proudly he once said, “My men tell me with shining eyes that they [women] have just had an illegitimate child.”

The Lebensborn program and its goal.

In the early 1900s, Germany’s birth rate was declining at a high incidence. Especially due to the shortage of men, and poor economic conditions after the World War I on November 11, 1918; the rate of women seeking the abortion was higher than ever in Germany.

By the time 1930s arrived, Germany’s birth rate was at historic low levels. At that point, The Lebensborn Program was launched by Nazi’s to reverse the declination of the birth rate and create a superior Aryan master race.

Lebensborn home and conditions.

Pregnant women, who proved that their children belong to Aryan lineage were given all the luxuries and financial support. Or as an alternative, they could leave their children to the Lebensborn home where the children will get the best care in the entire Germany and Nazi education.

In the nation, there were approx. 10 Lebensborn homes. The first one was opened in 1936 near a small village in Munich. As the second world war started, Nazis began to conquer other countries in Europe which gave Himmler a chance to expand this program further.

As records have it, more than nine Lebensborn homes were opened in Norway, two in Austria and one in France, Holland, Denmark, Luxembourg.

The bizarre tale of a woman who gave birth for Hitler.


It is said that more than 20,000 such babies were born in 12 years of the Third Reich in Germany and Norway. But crossing the crowd and making its way through, there’s a bizarre tale which comes through from a woman who thought she is giving birth for Hitler.

It is mentioned in the book, Fascinating Footnotes from History by Giles Milton.


The woman called Hildegard Trutz was a loyal Nazi supporter during Hitler’s rule. She joined hands with the female group Bund Deutscher Madel (often referred as lady Hitler group) in 1933.

“I was mad about Hitler, and our Germany. He made me realize how important we are in Germany,” shares Trutz.

She quickly rose to fame and became the local head of the group.

She says, “I was pointed out as the perfect example of the Nordic woman. Besides my long legs and my long trunk, I had the broad hips and pelvis built for child-bearing.”

And then came 1936, the year which changed her life forever.

At the age of 18, when Trutz finished her schooling, she was lost as to what to do next. With a hope to find an answer, she called the BDM leader and asked if she could help.

The director advised, “If you don’t know what to do, why not give the Führer a child? What Germany needs more than anything is racially valuable stock.”

The BDM leader explained her everything about the Lebensborn program to her.

She was explained that once the doctor confirms her German origin, she will be able to select a sleeping partner from a group strong of SS officers.

The program sounded wonderful to Trutz, and knowing that her parents would disapprove, she lied to them and said she had taken a residential program.

The old castle.

Trutz was then escorted to an old castle in Bavaria along with 40 other women. Soon she turned lazy in the castle, as there were many servants and all the facilities.

The first thing they would do is sign all the documents.

There were many documents they signed to renounce their children, and consider themselves any hereditary disease free.

After all the inspection, documentation, and orientation, Trutz was introduced to SS army officers who were soon going to be their sleeping partner.

Trutz liked all of them and it was hard to select just one.

Their names were interchanged and anonymity was kept in the whole programme.

And at the start of the tenth day, the girls were asked to choose the partner of their choice to spend the night with. Trutz shares that she was very excited about the whole sexual activity and for the fact that she is doing all of this for Hitler.

And then she chose her partner.

“I was impressed with the smashing looks of my partner, although he was a little stupid.” says Trutz.

In the first week, the officer slept with her for three nights.

On the remaining nights, he would sleep with other girls, as he was ordered to produce at least four children out of their wedlock!

At last, Trutz gave birth to a child who was then taken to the Lebensborn home to make him the loyal Nazi servant. In the following years, she was tempted to give birth to more children, but she fell in love and married one officer.

Her husband found out the truth and loved her even more because she did all of this for Hitler.

What became of her child? No one knows, and that’s the most bizarre thing being a mother, to be not able to know whereabouts of your kids.