Why “First Contact” With Extraterrestrial Beings May WIPE OUT Humanity

posted by Eddie

This week, a separate content division using my publishing technology is launching several new websites focused on topics of curiosity about the cosmos, consciousness and the unexplained. One of those sites, now live, is called UFOs.news, and it covers topics like ancient astronauts, the search for life on other planets, faster-than-light travel and “disclosure.”

To help set the stage for the exploration of such topics, I’ve released a new mini-documentary exploring why “first contact” with extraterrestrial beings may wipe out the human race.

This is the inevitable conclusion from understand that non-Earth beings would also be conscious beings who pursue goal-oriented behaviors. As physicist Stephen Hawking agrees, the most “successful” civilizations in the cosmos would be the most aggressive, war-like groups that invade and colonize other planets.

The chance of Earth being contacted by a peaceful, non-aggressive, non-invading alien intelligence is virtually zero for the simple reason that peaceful civilizations mostly mind their own business and don’t run around the cosmos looking for planets just so they can meet and greet the inhabitants. The far more logical, rational explanation is that the cosmos is full of advanced civilizations that need planetary resources, and those civilizations achieve “success” by simply seizing such resources from targeted planets like Earth.

While irrational optimists might wish that aliens would come to Earth with a message of peace, healing and cosmological progressivism, that’s very likely a delusional pipe dream. The far more accurate realization is that Earth needs to pursue planetary defenses and a strategy of multi-planet colonization redundancy for long-term survival and risk reduction.

For the detailed explanation on all this, watch my new mini-documentary at this link, or view below. (Also see the Tom Cruise film Oblivion for a cinematic depiction of this conclusion. See trailer below.)


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