Why Do So Many People Keep Showing Up At This House In Search of Their Missing Phones?

An Atlanta couple claims they have had a myriad of random strangers show up at their house accusing them of stealing their phones. But … they haven’t.

For the past several months, Christina Lee and Michael Saba says strangers have come to their door demanding their phones back. One similarity amongst these people? The use of a phone tracking app.

According to Fusion, every person who has come to the Georgia home has been led there by smartphone apps that let users know where their missing phones are. The problem is that the phones are not actually where the app says they are.

“My biggest fear is that someone dangerous or violent is going to visit our house because of this,” Saba wrote in an email. “If or when that happens, I doubt our polite explanations are gonna go very far.”

Though having randomly people showing up at their house demanding their phones has obviously inconvenienced the pair quite a few times, it’s pretty problematic for authorities as well. In June, police investigated their home after the phone of a missing teenage girl was tracked to the residence. The couple was forced outside for more than an hour, unearthing nothing related to the teen.

And this isn’t just one app or phone that’s to blame. Iphone and Android users alike have been led to the home, and phone carrier doesn’t seem to play a factor. While some experts believe that the issue may lie in the frequency of their Wi-Fi — which these tracking apps depend on — the couple says steps taken to resolve this has done anything but.

So what can be done at this point? Unfortunately, not much. The home is owned by Saba’s parents, making moving out of the question. However, an understandably frustrated Saba and Lee says they intend to file a complaint with the FCC and contact their senator for their next step.



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