Who Needs A Coffin? This Company Will Turn You Into A Diamond When You Die

When a loved one passes, most keep their memory alive with pictures and by visiting burial sites, but some take it one step further, by turning the remains of a family member into a diamond.


Swiss company Algordanza has been turning human cremation ashes into ‘memorial diamonds’ for a decade.


The unusual keepsakes are made at a temperature between 1,600 and 2,000 degrees, and have a starting price of £2,800.


After cremation, human ashes weigh around 2.5kg and carbon can be extracted from theses remains, which is then heated and turned into graphite.


The graphite is then heated and subjected to intense sustained pressure, which creates the diamond.


Although this practice takes place in 22 countries, including England, it is still considered a novelty in many places across the world.


The company uses around 500 grams of ash to create one diamond, and the remaining ashes are returned to the family in an urn.


via Daily Mail