When His Alarm Rings, This Very Ordinary Bed Becomes The Ultimate Wake Up Call

We all know how tough it is to wake up in the morning, but what if there were a product that made it nearly impossible to sleep in?


For some people, waking up early in the morning is an everyday struggle. There’s those of us that even after hearing the alarm, decide to stay in bed for a while, which can be pretty inconvenient is your day is busy. Luckily, the man in the next video came up with an ingenious idea to wake up and start the day fresh.

Speaking of alarms, our little machines that wake us up every morning weren’t always at our luxury. Before alarm clocks existed, there were several unfamiliar ways to get out of bed. Some common methods were church bells, drinking water before bed and the old-fashion personal wake up call. Alarm clocks have been around for nearly a century, but what’s next?

A clever inventor named, Colin Furze has a good idea.


Somehow his invention makes it impossible to sleep in. He owns several alarm clocks but none of them are as efficient as his clever contraption. Check out the video to see the invention in action, the way it wakes him up is original and hilarious.