What You Need To Know Before Getting Your Amalgams Or Root Canal Teeth Removed


Once you learn that amalgam fillings outgas toxic mercury vapor right under your nose or that root canals are harbors for potent neurotoxins, you probably want them out of your mouth – pronto!

But there’s one important thing to keep in mind: If the removal isn’t handled correctly, treatment may actually expose you to more toxins and make you sicker than leaving them right where they are.

Amalgam & the Impact of Its Mercury on Your Body

Despite all claims to the contrary, mercury amalgam fillings are not stable. Mercury vapor is consistently released from them for as long as they’re in your mouth. From there, it’s just a short path to your lungs and on to your circulatory system, nervous system, immune system, and reproductive system.

Mercury exposure can damage the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and more.

In the body, mercury binds with selenium, disabling the body’s ability to quash cancer cells. Sulfur, the third most abundant mineral in the body, is equally disabled. Essential for life, sulfur, makes up vital amino acids used to create protein for cells, tissues, hormones, enzymes, and antibodies.


When mercury binds to proteins, it plays havoc on the immune system. In a game of cloak and dagger, it appears to disable the immune system’s ability to recognize the difference between cancer cells and healthy cells. A blinded immune system results in the attack of normal healthy cells, while cancer cells are allowed to grow.


The presence of mercury creates an anaerobic environment. Low oxygen conditions mean pathogens such as Candida can thrive.

In other words, mercury’s effects are whole body effects. Consequently, it makes sense to pursue detoxification and nutritional support both before and after amalgam removal. Guided by a biological dentist, this can help you attain your optimal potential for healing.

With a full spectrum of support, many patients notice improvement with health issues over time.

Similarly, you want to be sure that the dentist you choose to remove your fillings follows strict safety protocols to protect you – and them and the environment – from exposure to the mercury vapor and particulate released during the procedure. You don’t need to add any more of this potent neurotoxin to what is likely already a considerable body burden.


The Burden of Root Canals

Root canals are done when a tooth is deeply infected. The living pulp is removed, the chamber is disinfected, and the tooth is filled and sealed. The result is a dead and embalmed tooth. It’s also a tooth even more vulnerable to infection.

This is because when you remove the pulp, you remove the tooth’s living blood supply. More, it’s physically impossible to disinfect the miles of microscopic tubules that form the tooth layer around the pulp chamber, the dentin. Bacteria from the original infection thus remain trapped in the tooth.

The waste these anaerobic bacteria generate is neurotoxic. Over the long term, this infection can manifest as an autoimmune disorder or other chronic illness.

Certainly, the body is designed to heal from assaults to the immune system. But how many toxins each body can carry before the immune system shuts down is unknowable. The best response is to minimize the burden your body is asked to carry.

If your body’s burden includes mercury fillings and root canals, if you have symptoms of ill health that have gone unresolved, there are many things you can do to boost your immune system.

Three critical factors: do your research, find proper guidance, and trust your instincts as you work to resolve health issues. You are your own best advocate.