What Was Actually Found In The Tomb of Osiris?

The eve of 2015 was marked by one of the biggest archaeological discoveries of the decade – the discovery of what is believed to be the Tomb of Osiris – the Egyptian god of the dead. Keep reading this article to find out more about the discovery and the conspiracy surrounding it.

Who, where, when?

A team of Spanish and Italian archaeologists, together with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, have uncovered the Tomb of Osiris on the west bank of the river Thebes in Egypt at the end of last year.

What did they find?

The find was a fully complete reproduction of Osiris’ tomb from Egyptian mythology (more on that below), and included multiple chambers and a carving of Osiris at the center of the complex. The architecture of the tomb is said to be quite exquisite and complex, and the burial chamber of the god of the dead is believed to be at the very bottom. It’s connected to the main complex by numerous tunnels, corridors and staircases. It sounds like a stunning find; however, it’s hard to imagine that it’s going to be opened to the public anytime soon.

What’s the conspiracy?

However, the main mystery of the discovery isn’t the opening date, but the alleged conspiracy. The finds described above are only the bare bones of what was discovered in the tomb. The truth is, we don’t actually know the full story about what was found on the site. For instance, the details of what is inside the sarcophagus at the bottom haven’t been released to the public. Neither were the hieroglyphs on the columns inside the complex. We don’t know why this information isn’t available to the public at large, but several theories have been put forward. We also don’t know whether the site is the actual legendary site of Osiris’ burial or a reproduction. If it’s a reproduction, it’s an incredible one.

One theory about the find is that the body of the god of the dead has actually been found. According to Egyptian myths, Osiris used to be able to take the human form, and this theory claims that it was his form that was found in the sarcophagus. This theory is also supported by the fact that the sarcophagus was surrounded by the drawings of demons who are supposed to protect the dead body. In order to understand the implications of this theory being true, we should delve a little into the myths of Ancient Egypt.

What does Egyptian mythology have to say?

Osiris was killed by his brother Seth who threw his coffin into the Nile, and after his body was found, Seth chopped it up. However, Osiris’ wife Isis collected all the pieces and put them back together. The only part she didn’t find was his penis, so she created one from gold and brought Osiris back to life with magic so he could get her pregnant with Horus. Osiris’ son is said to be battling Seth until Osiris awakens from the dead and brings peace upon Egypt.

Whether or not the archaeologists have indeed found the body of the Egyptian god of the dead, it’s hard to dispute that the find is one of the most important ones to date. In the unlikely event of the theory being proven to be somewhat truthful, we can probably expect the same kind of panic and outrage that was prominent in society in 2012 when it was believed that the end of the world was coming, according to the Mayan calendar.