What Vets Found Inside This Bull’s Stomach Is Simply Unbelievable


When the good people at Animal Aid Unlimited arrived to help a sick bull living on the streets of India, they were in for a rather unusual rescue. The poor bull was living off garbage his entire life, and his stomach was completely full of plastic and other trash that accumulated over the years. The bull, who they named Tingu, was clearly very sick. The vets said he didn’t have long to live unless they surgically removed all 45 pounds (20 kilos) of plastic from his stomach.

Watch to the end to see Tingu’s adorable face of relief after his huge operation.

(Warning: The video is slightly graphic)

That poor animal must have felt so bad with that trash inside of him. It was like a grotesque version of watching circus clowns get out of a tiny car. Just when I thought there was nothing else that could possibly come out, there was more! I hope now he has a more peaceful, pain-free life.
Animal Aid Unlimited, India