What Type of CBD Disposable Vape Pen Is Best For You?

Disposable vape pens have become a very popular way of consuming non-intoxicating cannabidiol (CBD). It’s the most efficient way of taking CBD bar none, with no maintenance necessary, and rapid therapeutic effects delivered by virtue of the vaporizing method. They are also more convenient than standard vape pens and portable vaporizers, which need to be recharged on a regular basis. When a disposable pen is empty, you can simply throw it away.

Moreover, disposable pens that operate via draw-activated firing are even easier to use. With no buttons to press, simply inhale on the mouthpiece, and CBD vapor will be released with immediate effect. This is fantastic if you need instant relief from a panic or anxiety attack, or are dealing with intense pain, as is common with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, trapped nerves and phantom limb syndrome.

When choosing the perfect CBD vape pen for you, it’s the type of CBD that you need to decide on. Several big-name brands are now in the disposable vape pen niche, including CBDfx and CBDistillery. CBD users have a huge selection to tempt them, such as CBD-isolate and full-spectrum CBD pens, and even pens made with an infusion of CBD-isolate extracts and natural terpene essential oils. We’ll run you through the benefits and potential downsides of each in this post.

CBD-isolate vape pens

These are pure CBD vape pens, where the hemp extract used has just one active therapeutic agent: the CBD. This extract is created from a high-tech process called supercritical CO2 extraction, and is free from any harmful by-products, as well as crucially being THC-free.

Zero THC is an important factor for CBD users who have to be wary of drug tests in the workplace. Tests usually allow for a tiny amount of THC, but those who don’t want to take that risk prefer the peace of mind that an isolate vape pen provides. Drug tests don’t search for CBD, and with no THC present in these products, there’s absolutely no chance of a fail.

CBD-isolate and terpenes vape pens

This is a clever type of product that harnesses the health benefits of terpenes, that occur naturally in hemp, without exposing the user to any THC. Terpene-infused disposable vape pens are made in the same way that an isolate is, with a terpene profile added to the e-liquid during the final stages. These vape pens are, therefore, more effective than those just made with isolate, albeit a little more expensive.

Full-spectrum CBD vape pens

All of the hemp plant is brought into play with full or broad-spectrum vape pens, as the extract incorporates the full array of compounds in the plant. This includes other cannabinoids, which aren’t intoxicating but boast unique therapeutic properties. Terpenes are also found in full-spectrum extracts, as well as flavonoids. A recent report showed that flavonoids may be vital to the analgesic effects of hemp and cannabis – cannaflavin A for instance is 30 times stronger than aspirin as an anti-inflammatory. Cannabinoids also combine for a synergistic ‘entourage effect’.

Full-spectrum CBD products are the most helpful of all, in terms of health effects. However, as the complete plant extract is used, trace amounts of THC are likely to be present – although never in excess of the 0.3 percent limit. Depending on the terpene profile of an extract, the specific effects of an e-liquid may vary. Full-spectrum disposable pens are often known by the strain that was used to make the extract, and are divided into three categories. It’s worth experimenting with all three.

Indicas: These products have more intense sedative effects than general strains, and are recommended for evenings, or when the user has chance to fully relax. Ideal for busting stress, relieving pain and combatting insomnia, indica strains are calming, without inducing the high that comes from marijuana.

Sativas: In complete contrast to indicas, sativa strains are renowned for having an energizing effect, great for during the day when full alertness and concentration is required. Sativas are good for fatigue and some suggest they can help with creativity. Many people like to combine these strains with a cup of coffee for that morning motivation.

Hybrids: Not surprisingly, hybrids are in between sativas and indicas, and bring the benefits of both. For example, these vape pens can deal with pain in the daytime, without causing drowsiness. They can help to reduce anxiety, while maintaining alertness. And vice versa, they can help to maintain focus, without causing unwanted anxiety and stress.

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