What Trump Prayed Will Leave You Speechless


Donald Trump has every virtue that honest and proud American poses. He is hardworking religious man who never forgets to ,,hold hands” and enjoy a pray with his voters. Political reviewer posted something more about this touching event:

“We’re doing very well with evangelicals,” the billionaire businessman proclaimed. “If they vote, we’re going to win the election.”

“Had they voted four years ago -– and they didn’t -– you would have had a different result in the election instead of having Obama, who has been catastrophic for evangelicals and a lot of the things that we stand for.” -Donald Trump.

Trump knows how important this group are to the election and wants to have his fellow believers placing their votes.

“I just want the people to remember: the United States Supreme Court,” Trump mentioned. “Whether they love me or like me or don’t like me, we’re going to put great justices -– pro-life justices –- we’re going to put Second Amendment justices, and I think for the evangelicals, it’s so important that they get out and vote.”

It was in the interview that Brody pointed out that the Trump “we’ve seen different versions appear on the campaign trail at times.” Trump’s wife, Melania, was then asked “who is the real Donald Trump?”

“Well, whatever you see -– that’s what he is,” Melania responded. “He’s a fighter. He’s the best deal maker… He has days that he really feels that he needs to fight –- fight for himself –- and that’s how he will fight for the American people.”

“I believe that we will win. I believe that the country is calling, urging for true change,” Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, told CBN’s Jenna Browder. “Seventy-five percent of Americans now say that they want to take the country in a new and different direction. That’s an unmistakable endorsement and frankly an unmistakeable mandate.”

The fighter won. God favors the honest and brave ! What do you think about this ?

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