What This White Doe Just Gave Birth To Has Even Animal Experts Scratching Their Heads


Without a doubt nature is magnificent and beautiful. If you just spend a few moments perusing Google Earth or watching a TV show on the Animal Planet, you’ll admit that nature can blow you away every time. There is such an abundance of diversity on planet Earth that we humans have hardly even discovered all life forms yet. Even large sea creatures like the super shark that ate a great white are still a mystery to many scientists.

But in the video below, you’ll see something truly spectacular that has never been caught on video before. A white doe is giving birth. The first fawn comes out and it is a healthy brown calf like you’d normally see. However, minutes after that natural birth, the white mamma dear pushes out another baby that is truly a beautiful surprise…

Fortunately, the camera was rolling as Lacy the all-white deer was giving birth to her two buck fawns. At the start of the video, she has already given birth to the first baby deer. It has been quick as the filmmaker captioned, “I had turned my back for 5 minutes and she had him. I had been with her for over an hour waiting to get it on film and she out smarted me!”

But from that moment on, the filmmaker doesn’t take the camera off the beautiful all-white doe. She licks her baby clean and prepares him for the good life.

Lacy lives out a peaceful existence on Shadow Valley Deer Farm. It’s a safe place for her to give birth to her two babies as well as stay protected from predators and hunters. This is what the YouTuber from the farm wrote in the video description:

“We just wanted to share some things that go on when you own a deer farm. Just like in the wild it is fawn season, this is a clip of Lacy giving birth to her white buck fawn, the brown fellow was born when Jack had just turned his back for two minutes. Lacy is an awesome mom.”

For the next several minutes in the video, Lacy cleans her newborn fawn and welcomes him into the world. But then at around the 8-minute mark, mama starts pushing out her second baby deer.

This one is a surprise to everyone watching!

“You can see his little hooves coming out and then his nose right after…”

A few minutes later when the new baby is almost all of the way out, his brother comes over and starts licking him, welcoming him into the world.

Here is what viewers like you had to say about the amazing clip:

“She’s so beautiful, and the fawn is unbearably cute.”

“I loved it! I am so glad people like you make the effort to film and post things like this. Thank you so much!   I’ve seen a few animals born,  dogs and cats, and horses and cows and a few others on film like this…but never deer until now. I found out that foals’ hooves are rubbery when they’re born then they harden up. I had always wondered how the mothers of hooved animals didn’t get injured. I assume the fawns have soft hooves too at first.