What This Guy Caught On Camera Is Insane

When it comes to fun, I hate to say it, but rednecks certainly know how to have a good time. If they have a little bit of booze, fire, engines, music, and a crowd, you know there will be quite the show. The video you are about to watch is no different. In July 2015 in the town of Butte, Montana, they decided to try to break a world record in front of the large crowd that was gathered for Evel Knievel Days.

Every year in Butte, they host Evel Knievel days in memory of the famous stuntman and showman, who was more well-known for jumping his motorcycle over large obstacles like trucks and rivers. If you’ve heard of Nitro Circus, then you probably know of Gregg Godfrey. He is a stunt driver and daredevil that loves to push the limits. During the Evil Knievel Days, Godfrey was offered the opportunity to break the world record for jumping a semi truck, so that’s exactly what he did.

Godfrey originally was only trying to jump 140 feet, but he ended up overshooting by 26 feet and completed the task of jumping a semi truck a total of 166 feet! The old record was only 62 feet, so he absolutely destroyed that. I wonder how scared the owner of that brick building was when Godfrey nearly collided with it. They ended up turning this event into a family occasion.

Godfrey’s nephew Tanner also flew over the gap going a startling 202 feet on a four wheeler, while the old record was 198 feet. Levi “The KaMaKaZie Kid” Troutman also joined in on the fun and ran through 10 walls while on fire. The old record for that was only three walls. This looks like a good time! I might have to make a trip up their next summer for the 15th Annual Evil Knievel Days.