What This Armless Man Did To This Woman Made My Jaw Drop

Meet 27-year-old Brian Tagalog, a Hawaiian native and current Tucson, Arizona tattoo artist.

Brian runs a shop unlike any other, especially since there’s no one else out there running a shop using just their feet! See, Brian was actually born without either of his arms, so the fact that he’s now a professional tattooist is a bit spectacular.



Growing up Brian didn’t have any type of shielding from just how terrible the world could be. You know, he went to school. No one actually thought he could pull off becoming a professional tattoo artist, but Brian decided to give the big “F” you to that nonsense and pushed forward. He knew what he wanted and he worked pretty hard for it, enough so his aunt even bought him his first tattoo gun, and he practiced even more.

Eventually he was good enough to earn his license, but no shop was actually willing to take him. After a bunch of hit and miss with shop after shop, he decided to take matters into his own hands and bought his own shop.

“Tattoo by Foot” is Brian’s new tattoo shop and he has yet to have a dissatisfied customer yet!”

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