What They Secretly Told Us During The HALFTIME Show

Jennifer Lopez’ outfit is on the left. A drawing of Baphomet a satanic symbol and deity is on the right. This part of her outfit which just barely covers her private parts looks VERY SIMILAR to Baphomet.
Is this mere coincidence???
You awake yet??
Although I’m not a not-so-super bowl fan, I am interested to see the half-time show, which has become a strange ceremony of all sorts of things dark and twisted… this year was no exception featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. While I feel we can all do better things with our time, than to focus our energy here, it is important that the world does understand what they are watching… even if they don’t, people WILL absorb things subliminally. While I don’t have much to say about Shakira’s performance… she does have her own brand she wolf… hips don’t lie… twerking… The imagery was a strange mix of sex, children in cages, and made in america imagery designed to confuse and program… here is but a shortlist of the some of the themes… themes of the darkest witchcraft the world has ever been exposed to!

 Shakira Red dress… satanic initiation for shakira. Pelvic thrusting as form of modern empowering dance… since when did shaking one’s bum become empowering? She-wolf is a witch’s anthem… some lyrics… “S-O-S she is in disguise There’s a she wolf in disguise, Coming out, coming out, coming out” Previous obvious huh? Would you believe another witch’s anthem is “Like A Prayer” by Madonna, was also performed at another superbowl. Shakira brings out the ropes… which of course, is then followed by the children… but that comes later… in the meantime… sexy Shakira does her sexy rope dance. The lyrics then are, “Whenever, wherever We’re meant to be together”… obviously a witch’s spell if there ever was… especially when it involves ropes… twerking and children! Again, it cannot be stressed enough, how creepy and obvious the witchcraft here is. Shakira and dancers wearing red shoes… it is common occult knowledge that sacrificed children are made into red shoes! Blatant or what? Shakira crowd surfing… this is about the witch offering herself as a sacrifice, in order to then sacrifice those that she’s playing… make sense?

Jennifer Lope

This whole performance was an act of ritual humiliation targeting middle Americans.

Kids in cages while singing Born in the USA.

The set changes, and Jennifer changes her costume and rides a pole and assumes a messiah pose over her dances representing the masses.

Jennifer Lopez appeared to blasphemously mimic Our Lord while lustfully dancing half-naked on a stripper pole. The backup dancers also appear to bow down to Lopez.

This year’s Super Bowl theme supposedly was “female empowerment,” but many did not agree.

Former Planned Parenthood clinic director-turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson said the NFL does not know what female empowerment even means.